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What is Waraji?

Waraji is a simple Java Web Start application that detects class confliction.

How to use

It's pretty simple.
Just drag and drop files you want to examine.
Waraji will let you know if there are conflicted classes and their timestamps and file sizes.
Note that Waraji doesn't report confliction under META-INF directory - where the MANIFEST.MF file always exists.
Currently, you need to relaunch Waraji if you want to examine other jars.

Screen shot 1. No confliction was detected.

How to launch

Click the Waraji icon (located at the top of this page)to launch.
Java Web Start system will pop up a warning dialog on the first launch which alerts that the application could violate your PC's security.
Please click "Start" to proceed. It's because Waraji needs a permission to access your local filesystem in order to unjar your jar files.
I am very sure that Waraji does NOT contain any vicious code. You can decompile the code and look into them if you like.
But I am NOT suggesting that you may launch any Java Web Start application. Technically a Java Web Start application could crack your PC and cause a fatal casualty.

Screen shot 2. Some confliction found under the javax/servlet/ package between servlet-api.jar and weblogic.jar.

System requirement

OS: Windows and any flavor of Unix like os supports JDK 1.4 or later
JVM: JDK1.4 or later with Java Web Start enabled


Anyone can use Waraji for commercial and non commercial way.
Do NOT redistribute the Waraji's copy for any reason.

© 2004,2005, Yusuke Yamamoto