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Release Date: 02/Nov/08
1.1.0 2008-11-02T00-00

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   TFJ-44 FIXED #document: null] is unnecessarily printed to the System.out
   TFJ-34 FIXED Status#getCreatedAt(), UserWithStatus.getCreatedAt() and DirectMessage.getCreatedAt() should return java.util.Date
   TFJ-41 FIXED Status.getId(), UserWithStatus.getStatusId() should return long instead of int
   TFJ-31 FIXED dereference DOM objects to reduce memory footprint
   TFJ-45 FIXED getFollowers() should accept id and/or page parameter
   TFJ-46 FIXED release Twtter4J1.1.0
   TFJ-43 FIXED remove unsupported methods
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