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Sakasa-Fuji in the sky

It is no doubt that Mt. Fuji is the most beautiful mountain in Japan. Therefore many photographers, and painters love Mt. Fuji.
There is a quite popular composition of the mountain which is called "逆さ富士"(Sakasa-Fuji) - meaning "inverted Fuji" in Japanese.
There are five lakes near Mt. Fuji and you can see inverted, or reflected image of the mountain on a water surface when you are walking beside one of those lakes.
- Google Image Search - Sakasa-fuji

On Jan 2nd, I took two phenomenal Sakasa-fuji pictures.

Mt. Fuji with its silhouette

In this picture, a projected outline of the mountain can be seen in the atmosphere.

Sakasa-Fuji in the sky

You can see an upside-down shadow of the mountain on the cloud.

How mystic it is!