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Twitter4J 1.1.4 released

Twitter4J 1.1.4 is now available for download.

Projects using getUserDetail() need to apply this version in order to avoid NPE with protected users(TFJ-70).
This version will also be available in the Maven central repository in 24 hours.
Here are the list of fixes included in version 1.1.4.
Recompilation of your project is suggested before you update your twitter4j jar file.


  • [TFJ-70] - getting a protected user profile causes a NullPointerException


  • [TFJ-69] - some async methods are declared to throw TwitterException mistakenly

New Feature

  • [TFJ-48] - support update_delivery_device method
  • [TFJ-52] - support exists method
  • [TFJ-53] - support rate_limit_status method

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