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Twitter4J 1.1.1 released

Twitter4J 1.1.1 has just been released and will be available from the maven central repository soon.

Twitter4J is an open-sourced and mavenizable Java library for the Twitter API which is released under a BSD-style license.

With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your application with twitter.com.

This release contains several bug fixes and all users are strongly suggested to update.
Here are the list of fixes included in version 1.1.1.


  • [TFJ-54] - Show method should take long instead of int
  • [TFJ-55] - Show method shouldn't require userid and password
  • [TFJ-56] - TwitterResponse from AsyncTwitter is not Serializable
  • [TFJ-57] - Date is encoded twice, and therefore "since" doesn't work
  • [TFJ-60] - hashCode and equals are not properly implemented


  • [TFJ-47] - implement toString()

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