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What is Soba?

Soba is a simple , powerful and tasty web based HTML editor.

What can I do with this?

It's pretty simple.
just edit the html on the left pane, and you'll see how it rendered on the right pane as you typed.
It should be useful when you want to develop such as CSS or JavaScript which need to be tuned litlle by little.
Note that the html document is automatically stored into a browser's cookie(up to approx.4kb).
So you can continue working on the html even after you closed the browser window.

Oh boy, this is great! Can I Sobanize my site?

The answer is YES. You can download and put the Soba system into your server.
After you get Soba installed, you may want to bookamark the Sobanize! bookmarklet which enables you to Sobanize any html document on your server. Currently you need to save and upload the html manually to get the change reflected .
Bookmark to Sobanize this server->

Is this a kind of Wiki?

No. It isn't. But it could be. Stay tuned ;)
It's because Soba doesn't persist the html to the serverside.
The comcept is more than likely an HTML editor, currently.

Is Soba compatible with my browser?

Soba is based on the JavaScript technology.
You can choose any JavaScript enabled Browser you want.
Soba is tested with Safari v125.12, FireFox v1.0(Mac/Win) and IE(Macv5.2/Win v6.0SP2).
Currently, if you're an Opera user, you need Opera 8.0+ in order to use "Sobanize" feature since prior version has lack of support for XMLHttpRequest API which is a mandatory for the feature.

This could be nicer if....

Please give my any suggestion, enhancement request or bug report below.
It's a blog entry written in Japanese, but you don't have to be a Samurai. You can write in your preferable language.


Anyone can use Soba1.1 for commercial and non commercial way.
Anyone can modify Soba1.1 but NO ONE can redistribute the Soba1.1's copy for any reason.
This license could be changed without any notification.

Copyright© 2005 Yusuke Yamamoto all rights reserved.