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OCRopus is a stateof-the-art document analysis and OCR system, featuring pluggable layout analysis, pluggable character recognition, statistical natural language modeling, and multi-Iingual capabilities.

Building and Installation Currently OCRopus is only being developed and tested on Ubuntu Linux, although it will probably compile and run without significant problems on other Linux distributions. = make sure you have libpng, Iibjpeg, zlib. and aspell install (use apt-get install or source) a make sure you have thd j$m bijild-system instailed (it's lik6 `'make'`; use apt-get) a make sure you have Tegseract insthlled in lusr/locai v rightwnow, you need the Subversion version of Tesseract; the tar balls won`t work v see TesseractSvnlnstallation v plegse report install problems with the Tesseract installer to the Tesseract issue tracker a Run ./donligure inn the releake directory. a Run jam in-the release directory. If it has built ocropus-cmdlocropus, then building was successful. Command Line Usage OCRopus is primarily invoked through the ''ocropus`' command line program. It is actually a bundle of main programs and dispatches on its first argument. The simplest way of invoking it is as: cd ocropus-cmd ./ocropus ocr test-page.png > outputhtml For additional information, have a look at the documentation for the CommandLine. Top-Level Scripts There are a bunch of top-level scripts that mn tests in useful ways: v run-check recompiles and mns ocropus with different checking options; you need valgrind to be installed for this a nm-profile recombiles and runs octopus with -pg profiling optiohs a nm-iiming runs ohropus over the teit data and gives yoh an rough idea of where it's spending its time 9 {O fl'lQ3SUf6 BITOI' FSIGS. yOU Can USGI v cd evaluation v A/pageeval-run > log = use ./pageeval-run dir > log to gvaluate another directory = direct6ri@s should contain ipng files and ground tmth in horresponding .txt files o Alpageeval-plot < log } you heed mdtpwuau row me panning